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18 Organizations Working to Save Our Oceans

18 Great Organizations Working To Save The Oceans

A healthy ocean with beautiful coasts and vibrant ocean wildlife is slipping away day by day.  The flow of waste, plastic and chemicals into the seas around the globe threatens the existence of marine species and ultimately humanmanity itself.  One report states that waste equivalent of a truckload enters our oceans every minute, 1,140 truckloads every day. Imagine 525,600 truckloads, approximately four tons each, of destructive waste each year? In addition to this, open ocean aquaculture is factory farming and not a solution for the ongoing strip mining of life from the seas. How are we going to end this crisis, create sustainability and save our oceans and their inhabitants?

By working together.


Here is a list of links to organizations that are making a difference in saving our oceans.  Please consider making a contribution in any way you can.

  1. 4 Ocean
  2. Bahamas Plastic Movement
  3. Blue Frontier Campaign
  4. Greenpeace
  5. International Fund For Animal Welfare
  6. Marine Megafauna Foundation
  7. Natural Resources Defense Council
  8. Oceana
  9. Ocean Cleanup
  10. Ocean Conservancy
  11. Oceanic Preservation Society
  12. Project AWARE
  13. Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project
  14. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  15. Surfrider Foundation
  16. The 5 Gyres Institute
  17. The Environmental Defense Fund
  18. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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