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60 Compassionate HR Jobs Where You Can Help Save Animals

Animal Farming Is Destroying The Earth

Help People Remove Animals From The Supply Chain

Human resource professionals are needed to recruit and help people excel in plant-based and vegan companies.

As of November 15, 2021, you will find sixty HR jobs on, a number that constantly fluctuates. Of these sixty jobs, nine come up as remote HR jobs. Three are within the U.S. and five require you live in California, which would likely not matter if you’re a good fit. 

Put your energy to work eliminating animals from food and fashion. Save this link to pull up HR jobs on the site anytime.  In fact, if you set up an account you can run any search. Select the box on top of your search that says Job Alert: Email me jobs like these to receive regular alerts on as many jobs as like.

Plant-Based HR Guidance and Career Coaching

Human resource plays a major role in developing positive business culture and improving employee engagement and productivity. HR professionals take the lead on change, company growth as well as personal wellness and overall job satisfaction. This is the stuff that can make or break a company.  After all, It’s mostly about building trust and implementing success and satisfaction for team members.

If you are looking to become an HR professional focused on reducing animal factory farming you can explore the idea through SHRM, The Society of Human Resource Management or HRCI.

There are so many new vegan and plant-based companies. The need has never been greater for mission-aligned, vegan and plant-based people to take the reins as human resource professionals. To help find and develop like-minded people who are committed to removing animals from the supply chain and help save the earth.  

If you would like some guidance on changing your career path or joining a plant-based, vegan company, book some time with us, at no cost.  We are all on the same journey, (although some may not know it). It’s often through new connections that powerful directions evolve. 

Overall, there are over 1,125 vegan and plant-based jobs on where you or a friend might find meaningful work that can make a difference for animals, the planet and for yourself. Let’s eliminate animals from the supply chain and allow science to take us to a more compassionate place.

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