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7 Natural Laws: Fundamentals To Unlock Growth In Business & Life

The Universe exists in perfect harmony. However we mortals are certainly doing all we can to interfere. Just look at all we have done to our food system, animals and the very planet we live on.  However, the universe is much larger and we are making progress in reversing the course through a new awareness, the power of choice, like never before.  

Without doubt there are certain fundamentals that give us insight and direction into how everything works including how to be better people and thus receive more desirable results as managers and leaders.   These fundamentals are called the Seven Natural Laws through which everyone and everything is governed.  They are the laws of : Attraction, Polarity, Rhythm, Relativity, Cause and Effect, Gender/Gustation and Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.  There is no priority or order or proper sequence to the numbers. They apply randomly as does nature itself. You may well identify your favorites, however all are equal. 

The more you come to accept, apply and align your life and your business with these universal laws, the more you will experience transformation beyond what you have imagined or even hoped for. There is no judgement within the governance or application of these.  There is no seeking to punish or reward. They are impersonal, operating automatically, typically along unconscious lines. 

I have referred to these laws often in my coaching of entrepreneurs and sales people over the years and continue to use them in our work at Passion Placement in helping mission driven people make career changes and in working with companies and leaders in developing their business and vision. I have attempted to reframe these laws so that you might see them more in a context larger than yourself, even though that is the frame from which we all focus.

Apply these seven principles and you will enjoy greater balance and satisfaction in life especially in your understanding and connecting with others.  Consider these laws personally and as a leader, be it of your family, as an employee, manager or business owner. These principals are constant, life is the variable. Keep an open mind, be curious and you will observe that new connections and pathways will just seem to happen. 

  1. The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like, people attract energy like the energy they project. Positive people attract others like them or those moving in the same direction and vice versa. The fact is that you are a magnet. You attract people, ideas, and resources that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts. Thoughts and feelings are energy. Whenever you are sensitive to someone else’s feelings, when you are aware of your own feelings, this is a conscious perception of a vibration.

A vibration is energy that is either positive or negative. You have the power to choose your thoughts or change them by what you choose to think about, by how you speak to yourself and others.  Listen to your thoughts and ask yourself if they are congruent with the person you are or want to be.  The energy you project is what you will receive.  You are what you project so be conscious of what you are sending out as is possible. Work to get it right. Identify what you truly want and express it while eliminating the negative (no small task).  Processing what you want becomes deeper than thought when you put it in writing. Sharing with others is perhaps the most powerful.  The universe will take care of your requests. All you really have to do is have faith and believe. Attract the people you want in your life and business.  Learn to get out of the way.

  1. The Law of Polarity

Everything in the Universe has an equal or an exact opposite. Teach yourself to pause and reflect on both sides of the situation by considering the opposite.  Think of two points of view and how they need each other. Change often fails in part, because those wanting to make the change have a single point of view, which they believe is the whole and perfect solution. However, within all change, (which is constant), there are actually two points of view that are in tension yet need each other – these are known as Polarities.  The other side and those closer to it have their own view and regardless of a final agreement both will always exist. 

You cannot have one without the other so, to some degree, you must embrace the opposite to find a way to move forward.  Resistance, perhaps the antithesis of trust, comes from those with the opposing yet equally important point of view.  They may prefer stability over change, which shows up as holding onto the best of the past and the fear of losing it through change.

In general we accept that there is good and bad, positive and negative and on it goes.  Everything has an opposite. Joy and sorrow are both beautiful, you cannot have one without the existence of the other. You cannot have change without a place or point from which to change.

The opposites or polarities can define the playing field where ideas, thoughts and actions, operate on a scale like that of the number line. You can add or subtract what you, the team or organization needs to get closer to thoughtful conclusions that come from making informed decisions.

  1. The Law of Relativity

Everything is relative! You cannot define something without having something to compare it to.  The existence or significance of one entity is solely dependent on that of another. Comparisons are almost never what they seem and in a negative light, toxic to the soul. However, it is not uncommon to always be comparing just about everything.  Hot a great use of time or thought. However there is a close dependence of one occurrence, thing, value, quality, etc. on another. 

The mind is always comparing in an effort to define where things are and how to posture or position given the situation at hand. Look at things as” it just is”, without judgment and look to avoid the sense of being better or worse. Just be relative to what is and move toward what you want for the right reasons.  Focus your competitive nature toward yourself or the results of your organization as your primary target and let the rest fall into place.  

  1. The Law of Cause and Effect

For every action we take there is an effect, one that ripples through the universe, much like that of a beam of light moving forever in one direction. Your actions impact everything and everyone around you and that energy goes on to impact others beyond that.  If you send good thoughts and positive energy out you will receive the same or similar back, and of course the opposite is also true.  We are the creators of heaven and/or hell right here on earth.  Be aware of that power and use it wisely.  Stop and think before you act.  

  1. The Law of Rhythm

All things in the universe are moving in perfect rhythm, in a measured motion like a pendulum. Everything in existence is involved in a dance flowing and swinging back and forth. There is always an action and a reaction; an advance and a retreat, a rising and a lowering. 

Life has an ebb and flow for each of us. We can learn to be flexible and accepting or choose, by default or not, to resist which will resist in our becoming rigid. It is when we are rigid that we are at risk of breaking. Negative thoughts, emotions and actions can create speed bumps or unnatural “off beat rhythms” in our lives and business.  When so, stop, breath and allow your natural rhythm to return.  Develop your “flex power” or flexibility. Accept what you must. Catch yourself when thinking about things you cannot change and change your thoughts.  Just say no and think about the things you are grateful for. 

When you or your team are challenged, stop and reframe.  Come back to where you agree and approach the issue from a different angle at a different time. Anxiety and fear create resistance, which works against trust and throws off the natural flow or rhythm. Recognizing this enables you to make adjustments, to “keep time” and to synchronize it to your ensemble or team. Stay focused on your vision and adjust with the flow

  1. The Law of Gender and Gestation:

Both male and female are necessary for creation.  These are two complimentary energies, that of giving and taking, which gives rise to new creation.  In business and much of life we can look at this as masculine and feminane and gender neutral. Speaking is masculine energy (asserting) and listening is female energy (receiving). The actual sex of the persons making creative connection is of no consequence. 

This is the creative law.  This law decrees that all seeds most importantly “thought seeds” have a gestation period before they manifest.  It takes an appropriate amount of time for a thought, image or creation to move into its physical counterpart.  Applied to a difficult situation you would create your plan of action and then look for the optimum time to introduce the plan to those involved.  In the interim, avoid or reduce anxiety by reminding yourself that you have a plan and push the matter aside until the right time approaches. 

  1. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:

All energy fields are connected, always moving and transmuting into and out of formEnergy is flowing into our consciousness constantly, we transform this energy into whatever we choose through our focus of attention at the time. This formless energy is amenable to being shaped by our minds. Energy is never actually created or destroyed. It simply moves from one form into another. The beauty of this is that your thoughts have the ability to transmute from the non physical to physical all the time.

The challenge of leadership lies in getting others to see your vision and feel the energy that drives you to make change in the world. The power is always there.  It is the channeling of your energy to others that creates challenges, requires creativity and develops leadership.

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