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How I found inspiration through life saving work that aligns with my beliefs

April Duckworth

Q: Please share with us how living your purpose and doing what you love has changed your life.

April: I am an Instructor and Course Enrollment Specialist for the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

I am incredibly thankful every single day to support the work of Dr. T Colin Campbell. It has always been essential to me that my work aligns with my personal beliefs. This role doesn’t feel like work to me, but rather, a part of my life.

I have the opportunity to share this life-changing information with others, to listen to their stories, and to support them on their journey. A plant based diet changed the trajectory of my life, and this role continues to inspire me every day.

It is an honor to support the research and work of Dr. Campbell and leading experts in the field and study of plant based nutrition. I wake up happy and eager to talk with others, discuss our program, and truly listen to them.

Q: What advice you would like to share with people looking to live their purpose and turn their passion into a career?

April: My advice would be to never give up. I knew that I was meant to share the power of a plant based diet with others and to support them as they expand their own knowledge to change their lives. I never gave up on that dream.

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