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To Make It Easier For People to Secure Jobs at Plant-Based Companies and Align to Remove Animals from Food & Fashion.

“Our goal, as an employment platform, is to create a central, global pool of curated jobs for all types of paid and volunteer positions and skillsets, helping to place mission-aligned candidates with companies that make a difference for people, the planet, and animals.


There is compelling proof that ever increasing numbers of us are adopting the wisdom of taking charge of what we eat, what we purchase and the reasons why.  This growing awareness of empowerment powered by technology is propelling a movement. One where our individual choices promise to create the change needed to save and sustain life on earth and free sentient beings.

What better way could there be than to be able to participate in creating a better, healthy and happier world then by doing what you love while being fairly compensated and appreciated. That is the essence of our why and what inspires us. We love the idea of helping to increase the flow of positive energy by making it easier for people to connect and grow with trustworthy, passionate employers.

We want to help you and everyone committed to eliminating the unsustainable need to make food and materials out of animals.

Passion Placement Composition Passion Placement Composition Passion Placement Composition

What Motivates You?

Whatever your motivation, you can make a positive difference today, like never before, regardless of your profession or skill, by aligning yourself with a mission-driven company that wants to share their vision with you. 

Do you want to make a difference protecting those that cannot speak for themselves and end factory farming?  Perhaps you are motivated by helping to eliminate diabetes, heart disease or starvation.  

Or maybe you would like to do work to help mitigate climate change by saving the earth and its oceans.  What do you love, the stage, marketing, managing or selling? 

Where Do You Start?… Take Action! 

Do you know your strengths?  This is a great place to start and reflect when you are looking for a more fulfilling role.   Consider starting your search by exploring this question with people you trust. Ask them what do you see as my strengths? What makes me unique or special in your eyes? Make a list of what you learn, prioritize and blend in your experience, beliefs, and values.  

This exercise will help you maximize your effectiveness and better define what excites you regardless of where you stand on your career path. Take what you learn and apply it like keywords to improve how you tell your story with potential employers. Above all, challenge yourself, be vulnerable yet assertive and Take Action. 

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