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As an employment platform, our goal is to create a central, global pool of curated jobs for all types of paid and volunteer positions and skill sets, helping to place mission-aligned candidates with companies that make a difference for people, the planet and animals.  Supporting this central resource is a full platform offering team building services, personal career coaching, storytelling, education and consulting.

What Motivates You?

Do you want to mitigate climate change? Prevent the needless suffering of animals? Improve public health and global food access? Save the environment and the oceans? Whatever your motivation, we are here to help you focus your passion into meaningful action.


We see a need for a single resource for people to learn about sustainable organizations and what drives them, so they may take action toward employment or participation. Our business is in making connections, educating, informing and coaching people to make meaningful job finding and volunteering easy and satisfying. We are all about connecting passion to purpose, igniting action and ultimately sharing in the rewards.


There is compelling proof that more and more people are adopting the wisdom in taking charge of what they eat and why. However, it’s only part of an even greater evolution driven by the unsustainability of factory farming coupled with the cruelty inflicted on other beings with which we share this planet.


This growing awareness is now an exponential movement where people are seeking ways to participate in the solution, be it for the planet, the animals, or human health and well-being. Investment dollars are shifting to plant based products and new technologies that are quickly becoming mainstream, and with that, comes meaningful, passion focused employment opportunities.

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