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Connecting Passionate Advocates

Advocacy” can mean many things, but in general, we refer to it as speaking or acting on behalf of a cause, yourself or others.  A true advocate gains insight from the past and those with knowledge, insight and experience.  They take stock of the current situation and from there do what they can to support and draw attention to a cause or causes by taking action.  

Our goal is to stimulate synergy and connect people to organizations and causes that make the world a better place for all.  To that end we share some of the causes and organizations that speak to us in hopes they might resonate with you as well. 

We’ve broken advocacy as we see it into three main categories:

  • Animals and the Oceans
  • The Planet and Climate Change
  • Vegan and Environmental Resources

In each of these sections you will find links for easy access to information and resources.  The Vegan and Environmental box is in itself a group of links.  The Magazines and websites will take you to a variety of resources where you can find great plant based recipes and so much more.  


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