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Beware, Behind The Scene Resume Bots Can Make You Vulnerable?

Is your resume ready for the screening bots?

Job searching continues to change through the growing use of AI and application tracking systems (ATS).  Add to this, the era of the pandemic, and these automations and innovations are more rapidly accelerating changes in the way jobs are found, ultimately for the better, albeit for some perhaps worse.

It’s estimated that around 75% of all resumes will not be seen by humans. Why? Mostly because they cannot be read by the bots. In other words, only 1 out of 4 resumes that will have a chance of being reviewed by someone who can move them to the next level and eventually arrange for an interview.  

As TechTarget defines it, “An ATS is software that manages the recruiting and hiring process, including job postings and job applications. It organizes and makes information about job seekers searchable. As its name implies, an ATS tracks candidates through the hiring process sending automated emails, notices and alerts to candidates, ideally, as they may or may not move through the process.

At this point the ATS does more for the employer in reducing the high cost of job searching by automating the initial screening of all applications and using algorithms to match candidates against job requirements (keywords). Those that do not meet minimum requirements or are not properly prepared are rejected and the rest are ranked according to qualification indicators.  

There are dozens of ATS’s used by employers, the majority are with medium+ sized companies, and all of them work a little differently. Failing to account for common ATS behaviors could mean your resume is ignored or missed entirely. However, these systems will likely continue to reduce the “resume black hole syndrome” where applicants don’t receive any response, notice or explanation about the status of the resume(s) sent.  The ATS organizes as much of the process as the employer desires for consistency and ever improving candidate experiences. However, there is still a long way to go before AI is able to ensure that every resume receives a response.  

While resistance to change leaves some to see the ATS as unfair, others see the use of search bots as a great way to get ahead of the masses that don’t focus on details and improve their odds of success by applying some simple tips.


  • Use keywords – adjust keywords to reflect those used in the actual job posting for best results
  • Do not send generic resumes en masse or the same one for different jobs at the same company.  Treat each one individually for best results.
  • Include a summary and consider using bulleted qualifications.
  • Use a conventional chronological layout for work history and success statements.
  • Carefully check for proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling.  Have your resume proofread and then do it again.
  • Format the finished document as a pdf for most systems and have a .TXT version handy when searching for those systems that won’t take the file such as a pdf, (this isn’t pretty, however just fine for bots).


  • Overdo your contact information in headers and footers. Name, email and phone will do. You can add other relevant personal information in your cover letter.
  • Leave out graphics, logos and tables.  Bots are not visual.  If you want to use them keep it to those resumes you deliver by hand or direct email.
  • Abbreviations are easily misread so avoid them and spell it all out.
  • Avoid the fancy templates.  The bots don’t like them. now integrates directly with two major ATS companies, Greenhouse and Lever, both of which have many employers, non-profit and for profit, companies within the alternative protein, animal free, sustainable and earth aligned employment space. This ensures that the majority of our jobs are in real time, updated daily. 

ATS integrations are expensive to establish, however they are worthwhile and play an important role in our commitment to specialize in hosting jobs that fit within our mission of changing the food system by getting animals off of the plate and supporting sustainability across the spectrum. We do not scrape the internet for quantity as is common with numerous job boards. We are committed to provide quality over quantity to the benefit of our candidates and clients alike.

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