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Can One Take The Work Out Of Working and Find Empowerment Through Satisfaction

Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia, 50by40 Head Of Operations

Arturo Jose (AJ) Garcia shares insight from his story.

As cliche, as it sounds, doing what I love has taken the word “work” out of work. Rather than working, I have spent the past eleven years advocating for a better world. I feel honored and privileged to have a career in food systems transformation.

I think there is a misconception, even to this day, about what turning your passion into a career means. 

My advice for those who are looking to love what they do instead of work is to be part of something that matters to them. Never sell yourself short and believe that you have something to offer. 

I studied linguistics in university and spend around five years teaching in South Korea before I found my purpose. Two things I learned is that taking the “work” out of work is not impossible and it is never too late. 

AJ has fifteen years international experience in senior management, public awareness campaigning, public relations, animal rescue, protection and advocacy, and undercover investigations.  AJ On Twitter

50by40 is a coalition of organizations dedicated to cutting the global production and consumption of animal products by 50% by 2040.
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