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Are you looking to transition your career into mission-aligned work, make a change by volunteering or just starting out? Whatever the case, we can help you move into doing work that really matters to you and that makes a difference for all of us.

We help people understand, communicate and apply their talent and skill to finding mission-focused and fulfilling work. Service that supports removing animals from the supply chain, creating sustainability, and improving overall wellbeing through a transition to plant-based foods and materials.

The first step in doing work that really matters is connecting your talent, skills and accomplishments with your passion and purpose. This is more than an initial step, it’s actually a life-long process of periodically pausing to conduct a personal inventory to ensure that you are moving in an effective and efficient manner. Simply put, where are you, where do you want to go, and what can you use to best influence your course of action?

The next step, once your talents and skill set are clearer, is to communicate your value, passion and purpose as you search for an organization that shares your morals and mission.  This is reflected initially through your resume and personal brand development. Your resume should be an evergreen document that is updated and refined periodically. This is especially important when you are moving from one career to another. Achievement statements now become transition statements tying your past experience into a new role. This can be tricky on your own. Ask others for their opinion. You might get a few tips and insights from our free ResumeRx.

Once you have a solid resume with a summary that is carefully crafted as an effective personal brand statement, you need to get it in front of the right people. What is your strategy?  You may need to step outside of yourself and be more assertive than usual. Connect the “what really matters” dots clearly for each potential employer, make each application somewhat personal with a focused cover letter. How are you going to network and find help to get you an interview?  A referral from a friend developed on LinkedIn or other social media just might be able to help. There are many ways to make inroads and connections that can help you get where you want to go. The most important thing to remember is to keep asking and refining your questions. Stay positive and don’t let frustration knock you off track. Never give up.


Perhaps We Can Make A Difference For You

Our goal is to get you into making more of a difference sooner than you might otherwise. Synergy creates an outcome more quickly and greater than the sum of individual parts. The clock is ticking and there are more and more companies looking for mission-aligned people.  Some might even offer you  more than a salary, depending on what you might bring to the equation.



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