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Delicious meatless bacon that’s high in protein, rich in nutrients, and so satisfying


Atlast brings innovation to the food industry by cultivating a process, one that has been running our forests for millions of years. This new agricultural technology is powered by mycelium, and not only promises a delicious and healthy future, but a solution to our current meat production problems. It is our mission to bring you delicious, planet-friendly foods, rooted in nature. Atlast’s focus is on creating whole cut plant-based meats like bacon and steak. We are both a B2B partner providing our mycelium super ingredient as well as a B2C company launching bacon as our first product this fall.

Mission, Vision, Values

Inspire cravings for delicious, planet-friendly foods, rooted in nature.

Nurture nature and nourish us through earth-friendly farming practices.

  • Focus on taste: both as you create sensations and in your everyday actions.
  • Allow purpose to guide: remember our commitment to the earth, its history and people.
  • Show reverence for nature: look to the planet’s intelligence for solutions to society’s challenges.


Atlast Food Co. is a spin out of Ecovative. The idea for Atlast was hatched around 2018. We saw the need for structure to create whole cut, plant-based meats to significantly reduce the burden of animal agriculture on the planet.

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