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Bowery Farming


Bowery Farming has posted 39 jobs

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  • Company Address 151 W 26TH ST, 12TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10001
  • Total Jobs 39 Jobs

About Company

At Bowery, we dream of a world where agriculture gives back to the people and planet more than it takes. But to achieve this, we need more than incremental change.

It’s time to reimagine farming from the ground up

Did you know that by 2050, we’ll need to produce 70% more food to feed an estimated world population of 10 billion? As it currently stands, our agricultural system cannot sustainably feed that many people, most of whom will be living in urban areas. To feed the future, farming needs to aim higher.
We’re a mission-driven team of creative builders, problem-solvers, and activators. Together, we’re reimagining farming from the ground up to eradicate trade-offs between quality and quantity, sustainability and scale, and healthy and delicious when it comes to the food we eat.
We are all modern farmers, and our core values guide everything we do — from building a better future to getting down in the (metaphorical) dirt.
As a NYC-founded company bringing fresh, local food to cities, our name stems from the origins of a historic lower Manhattan neighborhood. Settled by the Dutch in 1654, the Bowery (originally called bouwerij, the old Dutch word for farm) served as the great connector of farmlands to the heart of the city through the 17th century.


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