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Factory Farming Awareness Coalition


Factory Farming Awareness Coalition has posted 7 jobs

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  • Company Address 1569 Solano Ave, #518 Berkeley, CA 94707
  • Total Jobs 7 Jobs

About Company

Our Vision

A world without factory farms.

Our Mission

The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition inspires and empowers individuals and institutions to create a more just, compassionate, and sustainable food system. By educating young people and stakeholder audiences about factory farming and equipping them with the tools to oppose it, FFAC builds both an inclusive consumer base as well as an informed citizenry that support cultural and legislative change for the benefit of all.

Our Strategy

FFAC’s work centers around three core strategies:

  • Raising Awareness, because people must know that a better world is possible in order to strive towards it.
  • Mobilizing Activists, building our power by broadening our movement.
  • Institutional Change, mobilizing connections to foster sustainable food culture and shift menus within institutions.

Our Values

Objectivity: We share only accurate, up-to-date information from peer-reviewed sources and regularly review our materials to ensure that facts and statistics are current. Our strategy, goals, and programming are based on objective measures and informed by the science of behavior change.

Inclusivity: We recognize that systems of oppression are inter-connected and affect both human and non-human life. We focus on the nexus of factory farming and environmental, social, animal, and food issues. We strive not to replicate the oppression and biases present in systems of power.

Compassion: We oppose the institution of factory farming, but have compassion for individuals who (willingly or not) participate in the system. We meet people where they are, recognizing that changing attitudes and behaviors is a long-term process. We support our team and others doing this emotionally challenging work.

Collaboration: We always strive to complement existing resources rather than duplicate them. We invest in meaningful relationships with other organizations and groups advocating for social and environmental justice.

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