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Full Harvest


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  • Company Address 345 California Street, Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94104
  • Total Jobs 9 Jobs

About Company


A world with no food waste & 100% full harvests.

Full Harvest was born out of my passion for the environment, sustainability, and affordable healthy food. While scaling one of the first cold-pressed juice companies, Organic Avenue, I became very passionate about making healthy food more affordable for everyone. In 2014, I moved to California to find a way to lower food production costs along the supply chain, leveraging my 12 years of operations and food experience.

During a farm visit, I found myself calf-deep in beautiful, edible romaine leaves that were about to be churned under after romaine heart harvesting. I was shocked to find out that 20 billion pounds of produce that go to waste each year simply because they are excess or not perfectly shaped for grocery stores. This is unacceptable, given how much of our valuable resources are wasted. I vowed to not stop until this problem was solved.

My vision is a world where there is 0% food waste and 100% ‘full harvests’, where all edible produce grown goes towards consumption. We aim to reinvent the food system so that all food and beverage companies utilize imperfect and surplus produce to the fullest extent possible.

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Christine Moseley,

Founder & CEO

Christine Moseley

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