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  • Company Address 7425 S Harl Ave, Suite 1
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Hello from the LeafSide 👋

Are you wanting to make a difference every day, for people’s health, animals, and the planet — working with a passionate vegan team? 💚
LeafSide offers innovative 100% whole-food plant-based 🌱 (WFPB) meal packs, following the top evidence-based nutrition standards known to science.
Our mission is to make healthy, nutritionally-optimal, whole-food plant-based eating so easy and enjoyable, that it becomes a societal norm. 🖖


That is LeafSide’s “Mission QuestionThat is the question we ask ourselves every day. To support health, the environment, and conscience, LeafSide is developing and scaling the most convenient and accessible ways to eat plant-based whole-foods. So that everyone can benefit from the best nutrition known to science. It all started when we decided to write down what would be needed to finally solve this daily problem. ✅ There would have to be a way to eat, that meets all these five requirements together: Superior Nutrition — based on the best nutrition science consensus High Convenience — ready in minutes & near-zero overhead (no shopping, prep, etc) Great Taste & Variety — healthy & delicious eating without monotony Affordability — cheaper than typical restaurant meals, especially fast food Eco-friendly — minimal or positive environmental impact at scale After years of obsessively working on this problem, scouring the latest nutrition research, and using a “first principles” approach uncommon in the traditional food industry, LeafSide was born.

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