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Modern Meadow


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About Company


The son of a theoretical physicist turned bioengineer, Andras Forgacs–the founder of Modern Meadow–was thinking of the world’s future in terms of biology before he even realized it.

Andras’ passion for science came from his father, Gabor Forgacs, who was a pioneer and innovator. A lifelong physicist, Gabor was one of the first to apply the frameworks of physics to understand biological phenomena such as how embryos develop and organs form. Around 2006, Gabor was pursuing some of the most interesting work of his career: developing a form of biofabrication called bioprinting. This innovation in 3D printing of human tissue led Andras and his father Gabor to partner with other co-founders to create the company Organovo (meaning “new organ”). Led by a dynamic team of forward-thinkers, Organovo was a pioneer in biofabrication focusing on creating human tissue models that could be used to accelerate pharma drug discovery and development. The company went public in 2012.

Over ten years ago, Andras once again started thinking about biofabrication as a way to reimagine how the world approaches materials, sustainability and consumption, and how they are intertwined. Living in China in 2010-2011, Andras saw that rapid growth in consumption — specifically in animal products such as leather and meat — can come at great cost to the environment. He began to wonder if the principles of biofabrication could be used to make these animal products without the animal. Soon, Modern Meadow (named to signify “a new field”) was born.

Andras, Gabor and the small founding team at the newly-formed Modern Meadow began looking at the starting point for the creation of these materials: proteins. Experimenting with several different processes, and leveraging the knowledge and skill-set of a growing scientific team, Modern Meadow has been able to evolve its approach to create materials that support sustainability while balancing performance, aesthetics, and accessibility. While the technologies have evolved significantly since the beginning, the goal of achieving sustainability at scale has remained consistent.


At Modern Meadow, we envision a future where consumer products don’t rely on unsustainable inputs and supply chains that are petrochemical- or animal-based. We are committed to leading that shift at scale without sacrificing performance. We are dedicated to showing the world the performance potential of bio-based materials and ingredients, and the collaborative potential of a sustainable bioeconomy.


BioFabbrica is a groundbreaking joint venture partnership between Modern Meadow and world-renowned Italian textile and materials supplier, Limonta. By combining our patented Bio-Alloy™ Application Platform with Limonta’s creativity, heritage craftsmanship, and cutting-edge materials manufacturing processes, BioFabbrica delivers sustainable material solutions that meet brands’ unique performance and design expectations. BioFabbrica merges our innovative technologies and capabilities allowing us to immediately deliver real-world impact, at the intersection of performance, sustainability, and scalable adoption. BioFabbrica is bringing to market Modern Meadow’s technology material solutions across the full range of materials applications, including solutions in leather goods, footwear, interiors, transport, and apparel applications.



Our proprietary Bio-Alloy™ technology enables creation of one-of-a-kind biofabricated materials. The first product application we have developed is Bio-Tex™, a coated textile that delivers superior color vibrance and performance while reducing GHG emissions by over 90% compared to traditional, chrome-tanned leather based on an LCA. The creation of BioFabbrica accelerates delivery of this innovation to the market, demonstrated by the launch of the first expression of Bio-Tex™ products in early 2022.

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