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Nobell Foods


Nobell Foods has posted 11 jobs

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  • Company Address 6000 Shoreline Court, South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA
  • Total Jobs 11 Jobs

About Company

The Four Nobell Truths

  1. Nobell is pioneering tomorrow’s cheese for the 99% unwilling to compromise on taste, cost, melting and stretching.
  2. Making delicious cheese no longer requires animals.
  3. Animals are an inefficient and unsustainable technology for making dairy and feeding people.
  4. Nobell cultivates the power of plants to create a radically better food system for all — people, animals, and the planet.


We are a team of passionate scientists, explorers, and storytellers on a mission to radically change the way we make food, so it’s better for you, the animals and the planet. We want to feed you and your curiosity. Whether you’ve never heard of plant-based anything. Or you like the idea of Meatless Mondays better than the reality. Or you practice intermittent veganing. Or you’ve been a vegetarian so long that you send a form letter when people ask you why. We want to create a new relationship between you and your food. So our products are just the start of something. An exploration. A journey. Call it whatever you want. Our work is to make it delicious, make it interesting, make it feel good.


We are creating cheese for the 99% of people who are unwilling to compromise on taste and price. While there are a bunch of animal-free cheeses on the market, not one satisfies our craving for an amazing grilled cheese or slice of pizza. We don’t want animal-free choices to mean “giving something we love up.” What is unique about our cheese is that it contains plant-based casein. Casein is the main protein found in cow’s milk and it gives cheese all of its functionality – including its incredible stretch, melt and mouthfeel. After over 4 years of research, our team has discovered a way to make casein from plants so we can get the same taste and texture that we all love about dairy without any of the environmental harm that comes from raising cows.


Cheese is amazing, why change anything about it? Cheese is one of the highest offenders when it comes to carbon emissions. It has the third highest carbon footprint after lamb and beef, but most of us don’t associate it with climate change. We hear so many people saying “The only thing that I am never going to give up is cheese.” It feels like the last frontier, the insurmountable thing that everyone is attached to and believes that nothing is going to be as good, and we can never live without it…until now – Nobell is here to change that. The food system and climate change are inextricably linked. Agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation. If we can do one thing on this planet and it’s reducing the number of animals in the food system, we are very happy. That’s a dream. That really motivates us.


We use all the tools at our disposal, including genetically engineering our soybeans to produce plant-based casein to make the best tasting and performing dairy, without a cow. Genetic engineering is a powerful tool that we need to leverage in order to dig ourselves out of the largest crisis facing humanity: climate change. The question we are always asking ourselves: how else can we leverage science and innovation to accelerate solutions that have the potential to mitigate climate change? Because by now we all know, we no longer have the luxury of time.


Our cheese will be available by the end of 2022 or in early 2023. Yes, we can make any kind of cheese, and our current focus is on mozzarella and cheddar since they make up 60% of the cheese consumed in the US. To have the biggest impact, we know we must go after the largest market opportunities.

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