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Perfect Day


Perfect Day has posted 22 jobs

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  • Company Address 1485 Park Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608, USA
  • Total Jobs 22 Jobs

About Company

Perfect Day Foods

A BETTER KIND OF DAIRY: We love dairy for its indulgent flavors, unparalleled nutrition, and versatility, but we don’t like the harmful way it’s produced or the fact that some people can’t enjoy it. Since 2014, we’ve been on a mission to make a better kind of dairy. It’s all part of creating a more sustainable food system for the planet.

FLORA-MADE, COW-FREE: We’re doing this by creating milk proteins — casein and whey — that are nutritionally identical to what comes from a cow, but without animals.

Flora-made dairy means dairy produced sustainably using less water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions and land. It means cruelty-free dairy produced without the use of factory farms. It also means dairy free from hormones, lactose, cholesterol, and pathogens that can make our food unsafe.

WE’RE PARTNERING WITH FOOD  MAKERS: To deliver on our mission and drive the greatest positive impact on the global food supply, we realized we would be most effective by partnering with food and dairy companies to bring a whole variety of new animal-free dairy products to market, not just one new brand. Because flora-made dairy protein has the same food functionality that companies have come to expect from milk protein, it’s easy for brands to improve their sustainability or reach a wider audience by simply swapping the old for the new.

SUSTAINABLE, KIND AND DELICIOUS: We’re excited to work with flora to convert the world’s abundant carbohydrates into high-quality protein, no matter the geography or the climate. To that end, we’re building partnerships with governments and nonprofits across the planet who view Perfect Day’s approach as a means to provide environmentally sustainable and affordable protein to undernourished populations — and to regions where dairy farming is impossible today.

Cheese, yogurt, and ice cream made without cow’s milk is dairy that’s sustainable, kind and delicious. That’s dairy made perfect.

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