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Plant-based Wellness


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I started Plant-based Wellness to help women interested in trying out a whole foods, plant-based (WFPB) diet and upping their fitness. It’s for those who’ve heard that a WFPB diet coupled with physical activity helps prevent and reverse many chronic illnesses and the top 10 killers, including heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

I also support activists who want to stop the ecological collapse and to end all kinds of oppression. I help people who want to go vegan for the animals, the environment or for social justice. I facilitate cooperation between groups so grassroots organizers and activists feel supported, empowered, understood and effective.

If you are a good writer and interested in doing some writing as a volunteer, you can write and get published about the health aspects of a WFPB lifestyle, how to learn to cook, and about the environmental effects of animal agriculture on climate change and species extinction.

If you are an educator and interested in developing courses for activist groups using wisdom from business leaders, spirituality and social scientists, on effective leadership, breaking the barriers between activist groups, and collaboration between animal rights, environmental and social justice movements. The idea is to provide best practices to build inclusive and transformative organizations based on love, community and vision.



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