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PassionPlacement was born out of the frustration of searching for a job with a mission driven company focused on compassion for animals. Bonnie found that she needed to go to multiple online sources all on different platforms, which presented widely varying results.  She decided to make it her mission to create a job board that was focused on helping people find jobs that mattered to them and that supported valuable causes to help improve the life and health of the planet and all that live on it.

We see ourselves as a  resource for people to learn about sustainable organizations and what drives them, so they may take action toward employment or participation. Our business is in making connections and educating people to help them make meaningful job searching easy and satisfying. We are all about connecting passion to purpose, igniting action and ultimately sharing in the rewards.

PassionPlacement is a niche job website to assist employers and job seekers to connect with people of like passion. We offer a few different membership plans for employers to choose from depending on their current hiring needs. As an employer/ member you will have your very own PassionPlacement person available, and if you’re a self-serve kind of person, our site is set up so you can do it all yourself. Our goal is to make it easy.

While we are all very different, we have one important thing in common: the desire to succeed and live a life with meaning. We are passionate about helping those employers and leaders with a mission, passion and purpose to find those bright star contributors to join in what we hope will be life-changing opportunities for all.

We advertise positions with a wide array of organizations: paid and volunteer, profit and non-profit, that support sustainability, compassion and well-being, developing solutions to climate change and creating a healthy plant-based food system. screens employers before agreeing to post their jobs. We curate every job that is posted to make sure member companies are in support of sustainable living, animal protection or creating alternatives to animal based uses and products.

We offer six primary employment marketing membership packages tailored to a wide variety of recruitment strategies. Our products are unique from what you may be used to seeing on other job boards, as we’ve developed our offerings to cater specifically to mission based organizations and to provide information that is relevant and valuable to passion focused job seekers.

Membership:  Every employer and organization becomes a  member in our mission to help put the right person into the right position. Each package provides different features and terms from the Basic free posting to the Ultimate membership. In addition to posting positions we offer additional visibility on our main page through Featured Jobs and Featured Employers along with the ability to refresh job posts to keep them from getting lost.

As a further benefit we promote member companies though our social media channels with video, podcasts, press releases, articles and stories of interest.

Yes! By preparing an Enhanced Employer Profile, see our sample employer profile. The more information the better.  Video of your CEO or other employees, sharing the company mission and values, or other promotional videos are a very powerful addition to your profile.

A strong profile contains sections to describe your business, location, company culture and values, the employee experience, your ideal candidate, necessary qualifications, benefits package and any other special perks you may offer. The clearer you communicate your mission the more likely you are to find the right candidate. You may even find that you’ll receive resumes for future positions to keep on file.

Pick a plan that offers the  Featured Employer option. This will put your company front and center on our site.  We will also send a description and link to your position to our users. Send us your story preferably in video and we’ll post it to our social media channels.

The deeper you go in describing your mission and culture the better. Providing as much detail about the position and what the ideal candidate looks like. In addition, reposting can help to keep your position more visible.

You will receive email notifications of applications for your available positions with a link that takes you to the application where you can review the resume and make an initial determination of whether or not the applicant has the appropriate experience.  If not you can email a thank you email from the site. If the application is promising you would approve the application and inform the applicant of your next steps in the process.

We have a Volunteer Membership Plan that is completely free to use. It functions just like the other memberships, however non-profit companies or other organizations that already have a membership for paid positions will need to create a new and separate profile for posting volunteer positions.

Yes, we offer a discount. Non-profit organizations are eligible for a 20% discount on job postings by completing this non-profit form and uploading their 501(c)3 form. This will generate a coupon code that can be entered on the check out page.  In addition, volunteer positions are posted for free. However, a separate company profile will need to be created for volunteer positions.

Email is the best way to get  your questions answered. Please send them along and we’ll be happy to answer them.  If you like a more personal touch send us your number along with the most likely time for us to connect and we’ll reach out to you.

You can log into your account at any time during the process to review the applications for the job you have asked us to screen. All applications will be managed by us through a unique email and we will compile and send an activity report between 4 to 7 days detailing the job post activity. 

Yes you can enter a job and then purchase the screening service later, however it is best for us to be fully prepared and have communication with you about your minimum standards, preferred qualifications and anything specific you feel would be helpful in getting the most out of the process.

Your receipt from the purchase will have a link for you to select a time for you to schedule your most convenient time on our calendar. Instructions will be sent to you by email. In addition you will also receive a link to information to help prepare for making the most of the meeting.


Yes we do. Live Initial Interviews are a great way to move things forward quickly and zero in on the best person(s) for the position. This service works best as a follow up to the Applicant Screening Service. You select the number of candidate interviews to be included in the  Comparison Matrix and purchase them. With your receipt you will receive a calendar link with available times from which you can schedule a meeting before we conduct the interviews. You will also receive additional information on what we will need to help make the most out of these initial interviews.  

Our comparison matrix is a tool used to help visualize similarities and differences between candidates, concepts and requirements. The matrix helps prioritize by using a numerical scale to organize, prioritize and classify the elements being compared and ultimately creates a more thoughtful process of prioritization.

The short answer is yes. Upon your purchasing a single candidate interview or comparison matrix package we will arrange a time to review our basic matrix questions with you and add any custom questions to address your specific requirements. A link to schedule a meeting to modify or add questions or requirements will come with your receipt.

The Interview comparison matrix is a simple list of key indicators derived through questions that are asked to multiple candidates.  The answers are scored numerically from 1 being weak or poor to 10 being outstanding or strong. The numbers are totaled for comparison and included in the summary for the employers use in setting up interviews.

This is meant as a time saver where we perform an online search to learn what we can about the candidate from social media or other online sources.  The results are compiled into a report with a brief summary and links for human resources to review when considering candidates.

Yes, we are excited to offer board seat listings, which can be either paid or volunteer, you can list them either way.  You will find board seats listed in the type of position drop down menu.

Click on the circular arrow to repost the job.  This should bring up a pop up that will ask if you are sure.  Click ok and the job post will become active.

You can see all member companies, explore their missions and see available jobs from the Company/Mission Page where you can select a company and learn about them along with video and photos, as made available.

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