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How To Have Mission-Aligned Employee Search Success in 7 Easy Steps

User Guide For Employers

We’ve created this guide is to help make it easier for your company to successfully communicate open positions to our plant-based, vegan and sustainable audience. Passion Placement invites you to share your story with potential mission-aligned employees that actually care. We’re here to help your company attract more mission-aligned and dedicated members to your team.

This guide will teach you how to get the most out of using the site’s employer tools. Learn how to promote the open positions you need to fill and hire candidates that you might not find elsewhere. This guide is organized into seven continuous sections:

  • Register and create a free company profile
  • Company page and profile setup
    • Company description 
    • Image uploads and required fields
    • Social media and video
  • Post and manage jobs
  • Application management
  • Resume search and alerts
  • Targeted job social media marketing
  • Employer member dropdown links and navigation bar

Passion Placement visitors are highly targeted and dedicated.  They are eagerly searching for the right opportunity to make a difference for the earth and all of the inhabitants that live upon it.  So let’s dive in and work our way to having your company page be a stand-out. Let’s work together to attract the mission-aligned employee(s) you need and want to join your team.

Register and create a free company page

Registering your company is simple and straightforward. Just click on the purple box in the top right corner of the site. There is no cost for creating a company page, which will list your company and logo on passion placement’s employer list pages, located in the main navigation candidate dropdown. 

This is where mission-driven candidates can explore employer profiles and purpose in alphabetical order. Your company logo, description and mission along with social media links might attract a candidate inquiry or two just by being there. In addition to that this will create outbound links that will help your website’s SEO. There is no cost to register. Choosing a payment plan is required when posting jobs unless they are volunteer jobs or a free seven-day job post.  

Company page and profile setup 

Once you have registered the company you will need to set up a profile. The minimum required fields are marked with an asterisk. The company profile is the back end where the company page information is entered. A complete profile is highly recommended before posting any jobs. 

The company page is what visitors see and it is divided into two columns.  The left side is set up to show basic job information blocks with the total number of jobs available listed at the top of that column. The right side column is for the company information. Starting with: the logo, company name, social media icons, which we will discuss in more detail below, address, company description and story. There are also options to add a few photos and send a message by email. 

Company description and text editor

The web editor functions are basic and without media upload options. However, you can add video within the description, which we will discuss a little later.  A web editor (also called an HTML editor) is an application used in creating web pages. Mainly there are two types of HTML editors: text and visual editors, which are sometimes also called WYSIWYG editors, which stands for what you see is what you get.

You can mouse over each of the icons to see their functionality. The toolbox toggle box will open the second line of tools that you see here.

Preparing your text first in an editor like Word or Google Drive is helpful. You can set up a document with the company description and all of the links you will be including, which we will discuss shortly. From there you can copy and paste them into the appropriate website form fields and complete the company profile easily and without distraction.

It is recommended that you break up the text into short paragraphs with separate headings. The dropdown box that says “paragraph” (left side of toolbar) opens to a variety of heading options. Sharing content like mission, vision, and values is highly recommended. Cultural insights like DEI policy highlights and employee quotes can be very helpful as well. Let’s clear up what is needed in the required fields before discussing social media and the use of video clips from Youtube or Vimeo.

Image uploads and required Fields

There are two places to upload images in the web form, the company logo and a few company images. The logo is by far the most important. An image size of 160x160px is recommended so that the entire logo is fully displayed.  This is what shows on the Employer Page list along with the number of jobs or zero when there are no jobs posted. The logo will also show on every job post.

Upload your company logo. If you need to resize your logo for the best fit just Google “free image resizer”  and you will see results for multiple free online tools to easily resize your logo to the right dimensions.

There is also an image portfolio where you can browse for images that might help paint a picture about your company or people. Here the recommended image size is 145×180 px. A limit of two to four images is recommended. Otherwise, the page can get crowded.

Required fields

Company name, company address, and location are the only required fields in setting up a company profile. However, any company on the site that has only entered these fields will be removed before very long. To stay on the site the required fields, a logo and the company description are required. Note that the company address is the full address of the company headquarters.  Job location street addresses are entered individually for each job. 

Location is set up as a dropdown by state, province or county.  The listed countries include the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and South Africa.  Additional countries can be added by request. Remote is also listed as a location in the location dropdown and can be further defined within the job description.

Social media and video

Currently, is set up for a limited number of social media platforms totaling six including the company website.

There are six icons available to appear on the company page when the company’s social media URL(s) are entered into the appropriate field starting with the company website, Facebook page, Twitter URL, LinkedIn, Instagram, and either a Youtube channel or Vimeo account link, one or the other. See the six blue icons. Social media will help you connect with more highly mission-aligned employees that already support your vision and mission.

If no URL is entered the icon will not show.

Adding video 

Additional video clips can be shown in the Company Description

Simply copy and paste the video URL from Youtube or Vimeo directly into the text. This share link will show on the company page as the thumbnail image of the video for visitors to play if they choose to.

Video is clearly one of the best ways to communicate company culture and connect with potential mission-aligned employees. Having the founder, CEO or other principal tell the company story can be powerful.

Another effective way for you to connect with those who share your mission is a video of an employee sharing cultural insights about what it’s like to be a part of the team. 

I think you get the idea. There is no better way to tell a story than through the eyes of the beholder. So let’s move on to posting and managing your jobs.

Post and manage jobs page

The manage jobs page is a compilation of all of your jobs that have been entered, active to expired, into a dashboard that shows:

  • Job title
  • Number of views
  • Location, expiration date, 
  • Number of applications
  • Job-status 
  • Available actions

From this page, you can refresh a job, clone to make a copy that you can edit and post, publish/un-publish using the toggle, edit or delete an active listing. Inactive is a way to temporarily take a job out of public view.

You can work on a listing as a draft using the half-circle arrow to allow you to post and make a job active.  

The little clock shows when expired.  Here you can clone the job to make it a draft that you can edit as needed and post.

Manage applications page

Each application is viewable from this page with the following key information provided at a glance:

  • Candidate with email and phone number
  • Job applied for
  • Message from the candidate 
  • Attachment link, resume and cover letter
  • Applied date, status
  • Action options: approve, reject, email (pending status) or delete the candidate.

You can shortlist and save mission-aligned employee resumes that may be suitable for this position or for other openings. These saved resumes are made available through the shortlist link in the member link dropdown.  

Resume search and alerts

To search available like-minded resumes go to the employer dropdown in the main navigation and select search resumes, (providing you have a plan that provides access). 

To set up resume alerts go to the top of the search resumes page, there is a button that reads “Email Me Resumes Like these”. This opens a pop up box that allows you to set up as many alerts as you like for various keywords related to the position(s) you are seeking to fill or for resumes that might fit positions you will be looking to fill.

Employer member access link dropdown list

Here are brief descriptions of the employer member access links. These links also appear as an option bar on various pages to facilitate moving from one page or another.


The Job Search User Guide will help improve your job search experience making it more efficient and enjoyable.  Understand the process from the view of a potential mission-aligned employee for new attraction ideas.

Resume Rx – easy tools and tips to update, improve and make your resume more effective.  Did you know that your resume has less than 10 seconds (actually about 6) to catch a recruiter,  ATS*, or hiring manager’s attention?  Free help with your resume starts here.  

*Applicant Tracking System or Artificial Intelligence Software. 

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