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Help Students Learn How Animal Factory Farming Is Destroying The World

Every US student who learns how (their) food choices impact our food system is a force for meaningful change. Help them make a difference.

Irreplaceable ecosystems are being destroyed to graze cattle to meet the demand for beef in other countries like the US. Students are quick to recognize that it doesn’t make sense to destroy one of the planet’s great treasures so that people can eat burgers. Thanks to FFAC, hundreds of thousands of students now know that one of the primary drivers of tropical deforestation globally is animal agriculture.

Your making a gift today ensures that more students across the country will learn about these important connections.

In the first quarter of 2022, FFAC (Factory Farming Coalition) reached over 15,477 students through FFAC’s classroom programming. Hundreds of these students are inspired to join our Advocacy Institute, where they gain the knowledge, skills, and community to be effective advocates in the movement to end factory farming. 

Many of these student advocates are already changing the food systems at their schools and universities. They are also sharing with friends, family, and the community the links between what we put on our plates and the loss of our planet’s largest tropical rainforest, not to mention all of the environmental consequences.

Please Give Now!

Your support of any amount today will unlock a $20,000 gift from a generous donor. If we receive 100 donations by June 21st, you will help ensure that we reach our goal. Will you join us in supporting this change-making organization?

At FFAC, we are unique in our commitment to educating students in person across the country about the impacts of factory farms. We believe that ending factory farming requires multiple approaches and that education is the key.

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Cover Photo by Lyle Wilkinson on Unsplash

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