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How Can A Job Board Actually Be Helpful To People, Animals & the Earth

Every Choice Makes A Difference

The Problem As We See It

People that grasp the urgency behind climate change and the damaging, destructive and cruel path of animal agriculture want to expedite change and connect with like-minded organizations to stem the tide of devastating change sooner rather than later. Before it’s too late.

The problem, how can individuals make a transition or get started on the path where day-to-day effort and the choices made are applied directly toward the cause, regardless of profession, skill or occupation. 

There is no other trustworthy place where a person searching for work knows that every company and job posted is curated to meet basic standards of being plant-based and not using animal-based products. There is also a lack of support and direction for people looking for guidance, inspiration and safe access to those companies. 

Every Hire Has An Impact

Hiring has become as much about skill and ability as how well people fit in. Each hire has a cultural impact over time and the potential to make or break an employer. So how do we improve the odds to where everyone wins?

Culture and transparency are the very foundation of successful and vibrant companies. This is tested more today than ever before with the high demand for good people. Access to people clearly committed to the mission allows for onboarding to start with a certain degree of trust, more like a referral, saving time, money and animals.

Truck loaded with over-stuffed cages of chickens
Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash
Our Solution

The day ethical and compassionate companies outweigh those built purely for profit would be cause for celebration.  Although somewhat of a far stretch, that day does get closer as more and more companies focus on people, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), climate change urgency and producing products and services that do not cause harm to people, animals and the earth.

When you put it all together there are only two sides to the equation and just finding a balance between them would be a great accomplishment for all of mankind.  

The solution lies in creating and growing a community that is much more than posting jobs and online matchmaking, although you do have to start somewhere.  A job platform built by vegans but not limited to them, that has a heart and a desire to help provide guidance, job counseling, coaching, personal branding, or just simply a little advice. 

Building More Than A Job Board

We’re building such a network around our job posting platform that provides access to the largest pool of like-minded, dedicated people from an unlimited range of professions, occupations and skills. A platform that is flexible in partnering with a variety of recruiting companies and related professionals. 

A platform of people and organizations that share similar views of the problem and share the attitude and wisdom of working together to shift the world into a plant-based global economy. One that actually addresses the serious issue of climate change by taking animals out of the supply chain. 

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