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How My Vegan Career Unexpectedly Launched Changing My Life Forever

My vegan career path started when I moved to a new country in 2016 and could not find vegan options at restaurants. I found that going out to eat was becoming a frustrating experience, and I set out to change that for myself and for other vegans. I started a consulting business and trained chefs, restaurant managers, and service professionals to transform their restaurants and hotels into vegan-friendly spaces. 


Within two short years, I had transformed my community and my own life as well. I started a business accelerator program to train other vegans around the world to create their own consultancies and influence the hospitality scenes in their neighborhoods, and since 2019 I have trained 60+ vegan consultants in 20 countries and 19 US states. 


Through my work as a business coach My vegan career path continues. With my mental health background as a master’s level social work professional, I started an additional coaching practice focused on mindfulness coaching for vegan entrepreneurs and activists to continue to support vegans who want to turn their passions into career paths.

Vegan entrepreneurship changed my life in many ways: allowing me to go to work every day with a passion, a purpose, and a plan to change the world, and surrounding me with like-minded people who are inspired by the same mission


My advice for those who are ready to work toward a values-aligned career is to find your support network and receive mentorship from people who have done it already, start a mindfulness practice to keep you grounded in the present moment and motivated toward your goals, and cultivate confidence within yourself and an unwavering belief in your ability to make an impact.


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