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How To Get Involved With Animals In Need

Helping Animals In Need

Whether you are looking for a career shift or simply looking for a way to be around animals, there are several great ways you can get involved to help animals in need. 

Career Change
Professionals seeking out mission-aligned companies to work for is becoming more popular, which is partially why we created this site!  People are increasingly wanting to use their skills and experience to help causes they feel passionate about. 

While you may have thought that you would need a background in non-profit work or possibly fundraising to land those coveted positions, it is no longer the case.  Both non-profits and ethical for-profits need everything from marketing to sales to help them build their brands. 

Working for a mission-aligned company can help people feel more of a sense of pride and purpose as well as building actual change. 

If you are ready to make a career change, checkout our job board or schedule a free call with one of our amazing career consultants!

If you are wanting a purpose driven hobby, volunteering is a great way to spend your time.  Nonprofits desperately rely on volunteers to help them run and there are likely quite a few in your area that need help. 

Local animal shelters or farm sanctuaries are also great places for the whole family to get involved. 

And while volunteering used to be limited to the local area, that is no longer the case.  Many organizations hire remote volunteers to help them with outreach, marketing or grant writing! 

If there are particular organizations you have followed or are interested in, reach out!  Chances are they could use your help. 

Join a Board
Looking to take volunteering to the next step?  Look into joining the board of an organization that you’ve been working with. 

Board Members help steer the organization to help them make better sustainable and ethical decisions as well as determine areas of focus or donation spending.  If you are skilled at high-level decision making, this may be great for you!

Look for organizations you have a particular interest or experience in to make the most use of your help. 

Whether you have a little extra time to volunteer or want to dedicate your entire 9-5 hours to a mission, there are some great ways you can help animals both locally or around the world! 

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