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How To Win Jobs During This Pandemic

10 Pandemic Rated Job Hunting Tips

If ever there is ever to be a time, this is it. Push yourself to be proactive. This will will open unknown and unforeseen opportunities for you. Have faith and with that in mind let’s look at some ideas that could open doors that you can’t currently. 

We hope the following tips will provide you with some insights, ideas and strategies to help you navigate the uncertainty of these times and allow you to use what you learn to enable you to do more of what you love.

So to get started…

Update your resume. Show that you have experience and some degree of comfort with online conferencing and tools in your resume. Mention specific video technologies you’ve used, such as Zoom, skype, GoToMeeting or others.  Zoom is currently the most popular. If you don’t have much experience start by setting up meetings with family and friends and experiment from setting the appointment to learning the features through practice.  Find out who does have conferencing experience and ask them for help. Also look on youtube for instructional videos as well. Blend this information into your resume in addition to any other needed updates. Above all demonstrate flexibility, it’s critical to show aptitude and experience at using online tools in today’s work environment.

Research employers and industries you are most interested in. Preferably ones that are actively hiring or likely to hire based on growth and current trending circumstances. Make a list and get familiar with who they are, does their mission speak to you?  What about values and culture?  Do research and take notes on what you learn about each. Include links to their social media accounts and like, follow and comment on what they have to share. Review these on a regular basis.

Reach out and interview. Take charge and set up interviews for ideas, to expand your network and uncover potential job opportunities. Set up interviews to learn what is happening in your field of interest or with people that work in the area or a position that you have targeted. Set them up as semi-formal interviews with people you know or ones you have found who are willing to share with you. Use a web meeting format.  All of these services have free basic offerings. These reach out sessions also serve as great practice and can be useful to show that you are motivated and comfortable with accomplishing things remotely.

Update or join LinkedIn. What shows up when someone searches your name online?  For many it’s little to nothing or limited to sporadic posts on social media channels.  If you are active take a look at your recent posts through the eye of a potential employer and keep this in mind as you add new posts. Linked in is typically the go to review site for employers regardless of how you apply.  So make sure you are there and your profile is in good shape.

Post your resume with niche job boards focused on your interests.  Look for job boards that allow for uploading your resume as a pdf.  Don’t bother with those that require you to enter your history into online forms and do not have upload capability.  The forms are usually a complete waste of time.  Look for sites that have jobs that interest you and where you can register and upload for free. You’ll be surprised by how much traction you can get by searching niche sites that focus on specific fields or areas of interest. Look for sites that give you information about the company and its mission. Use the opportunity to connect with companies that are doing work that matches your personal mission.

Develop your skills.  In your resume you might want to cite familiarity with document-sharing tools like Google Docs and others. Consistently work on skill building with programs that support interactive remote work.  Be sure to add any details to your resume relating to work with organizing groups or working remotely. For example, “Led a remote team of 4 employees from my home office or perhaps managed a facebook group online. Be sure to also include and highlight relevant soft skills, like time management. demonstrate that your productivity at home is as good if not better than in the office and that above all you are flexible in these times of uncertainty. 

Monitor social media for prospective job opportunities.  Keep an eye on linkedIn and like or follow those companies and individuals that make sense for you.  Also have your list of most desired companies and track them online with a particular view on job openings.  It’s all a bit like a needle in a haystack. So stay focused on positions that matter most to you. Seek them out. Don’t spray out resumes just looking for just about anything. This will not get you where you want to be. Push yourself to be proactive even if it is not what you are normally comfortable with doing. 

Be your own boss. Write out your job description and hold yourself accountable. Set daily and weekly goals. For example, “I will schedule two reach out interviews each week” or “I will make three networking calls a day.” Do ongoing research and post your resume with companies that you admire even if they are not posting jobs and ask them to keep you in mind. Some job boards will keep member companies online without open positions. Focusing on managing clear goals, as opposed to measuring success by the number of job interviews you might get.  This will help keep you moving forward. Consistent little steps will keep you moving forward and uncovering unseen opportunity. As your own boss firing is not really an option, however rewards are.

Be prepared to ace the interview. Be sure that you’re ready for video interviews. Practice interviewing via camera. If you’ve never interviewed via Go to Meeting, Skype or services like Zoom, there’s a bit of a learning curve.  Get acquainted with the technology and practice interviewing before you connect with the hiring manager. Make a list of questions you would want to ask and record practice sessions for review. Pay close attention to the lighting and background as well as how you dress and how it shows up on camera.

Attitude is everything and results are often right in front of you. Don’t give up. Make self-care a priority. Maintaining a positive mindset and a healthy body is critically important when you’re job hunting. Carve out time each day for exercise, healthy eating and connect with people who brighten your day. Remember to smile and stay positive.

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