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I Turned Vegan And I Love It – How To Enrich Your Lifestyle

Kathleen Gage: I turned vegan and I love it

I’m often asked if working with vegan businesses as an open vegan really makes a difference, and I have to say yes it does. Hi, this is Kathleen Gage and I have two podcast shows one is Vegan Visibility and the other is Plant Based Eating for Health. The criteria for people being on my podcast shows is that they must be 100% void of animal and dairy.

I also prefer to work with people who are aligned with the vegan message. Why, because we have deeper conversations. I’m really committed to helping them to get their business out in a big way.  As a visibility and marketing strategist, that’s really important for me to find clients that I get really excited about helping them to get their message out there.  And as a vegan working with vegans, I find we have a lot of work to do. There is so much in front of us that can be done to raise awareness around health, the animals and the environment. 

So if somebody were to ask me, do you love what you do? Absolutely, I love what I did before I turned vegan and I love it even more now that I’m vegan because I get to work with aligned people. And if I had any advice for somebody thinking about really moving forward with their own vegan lifestyle and enhancing their business with that message, go for it.  The world needs you today more than ever. We’re in a world of hurt, that’s a fact of life, and If you can do anything to help raise awareness, anything to generate revenue, anything to get people to see that veganism is a great way of life, then go and do it. 

This is Kathleen Gage with Vegan Visibility. Go out and be vegan.

Kathleen Gage is a highly seasoned keynote speaker, author, marketing strategist, podcaster and visibility mentor. She is the founder of Vegan Visibility, a marketing and visibility consulting company dedicated to healthy living, compassion for the animals and kindness to the planet.

For nearly three decades, Kathleen has worked in a wide array of industries, including high-tech, digital marketing, art, music, publishing, government, healthcare, pet services, environmental, health and fitness, spiritual, and manufacturing to name a few.

She is the author of over a dozen books, the host of two popular podcast shows, Vegan Visibility and Plant Based Eating for Health, and a highly accomplished content creator

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