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Horticulture Technician 44 views

The world needs our help. By 2050, there will be 9 billion people on the planet with less arable land than ever before. We need a solution to cultivate more using less and define the future of farming for generations to come. In 2004, AeroFarms began transforming agriculture with humans and our planet at the forefront.

In 2022, with 20+ current patents, 60+ pending patents, and 200+ invention disclosures, AeroFarms agriculture technology continues to grow unprecedented sustainable products, delivering elevated flavor, taste, experience, quality, access, and unmatched nutrition to you.

Here’s how we’re growing the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity:

  • Researching and understanding plants to be better, more intuitive farmers
  • Elevating local communities by increasing access to nutritious, high-quality, consistent, and safe products in a way that’s better for you and the planet
  • Protecting and sustaining our environment for future generations
  • Pioneering consistent, and scalable indoor vertical farming food safety & traceability practices, and manufacturing standards
  • Investing in our AeroFarms humans and fostering our diverse company culture of inclusion, equity, excellence, teachability and curiosity]

As AeroFarms approaches our next phase of explosive growth, we seek out creative, motivated humans who will join us in disrupting industry standards and lead the way in vertical farming, artificial intelligence, and plant biology breakthroughs to solve, and tackle global issues.

If a team of 200+ intellectually curious and caring humans, expansive global operations, and our change-the-world mission resonates with you, apply today:

AeroFarms is seeking an Horticulture Technician to help at our Newark, NJ farm!

Scope of the position.

To be responsible for scouting plants in all the vertical towers, following processes and instructions, continuously executing the Plan of the Day (POD) and reporting accurately, and promptly, any deviation occurring on the Grow Room, delivering excellent quality of leafy greens and microgreens cultivation/support service and, the maintenance and implementation of working programs.

Health and Safety regulations.

Necessary health, safety, hygiene, and environmental standards should be observed all the time in the Grow Room.

Plant Disease Control.

The Horticulture Technician (HT) should be highly detail-oriented, punctual, and consistent on all his/her reports and plant inspections, very communicative and coachable, and strict on his/her schedule.

Leadership principles.

The Horticulture Technician (HT) should have a set of traits and values that guide his/her actions with employees and, the Company will provide direction through his/her career. These principles are also an important tool for self-evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses to seek self-improvement. Always observe AEROFARMS principles: Collaboration, Communication, Accountability, Agility, Respect, and Empowerment.

Job Description

The Horticulture Technician (HT) will be passionate about horticulture science and plants and will share our values around all teams conducting high quality. He/She will be an energetic, forward-thinking, and creative individual with high standards and good judgment. Also, our organization values individuals who can lead by example and keep focus in a team-centered environment.

Under the direction of the Horticulture Team Leader (HTL), the Horticulture Technician (HT) will contribute to inspect and maintain trays of plants; and identify their status and possible issues related to germination, irrigation, and nutrients.

The Horticulture Technician (HT) will make sure he/she will always contribute to comply with safety and quality rules on the Company, to finish tasks promptly, to be always on top of communicated priorities, to collaborate to create and keep a positive work environment, and that he/she is effectively scouting, reporting and fixing things on the towers. The Horticulture Technician (HT) should be able to operate with minimal supervision and always ask questions, tell the truth, and express feelings.


  • Comply with Safety rules. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Comply with Quality rules.
  • Collaborate and help to create and keep a positive work environment.
  • To maintain horticulture equipment.
  • To record and track EC, pH, temperature, and humidity.
  • To clean filters promptly.
  • To perform leaf and root analysis as needed.
  • To weight and mix fertilizers, including solutions for donations.
  • Make sure that dosatrons are monitored daily.
  • To monitor inventory of horticulture supplies.
  • To fix issues related to plant growth.
  • To read and use grow room software as needed to verify plant condition and equipment calibration.
  • To calibrate sensors.
  • To receive, monitor, and replace CO2 tanks.
  • To collect nutrient solution and plant tissue samples for analysis as needed.
  • To handle acids and acid management with the team.
  • To correct EC, pH when out of range.

You have:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Experience with food safety and HACCP protocols desired.
  • Positive, respectful attitude.
  • Must be detail-oriented and organized.
  • Reliable attendance.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Basic math skills.
  • Proficient in spoken and written English.
  • Able to operate and calibrate scales, calipers, EC/pH meter, HMI, and tablet (training provided).
  • Able to stand and walk for long periods.
  • Able to lift/carry items up to 50 pounds.
  • Able to drive scissor lift and access plants 35 feet in the air after training.
  • Flexibility to work one weekend day per week.

Personal Attributes

  • Collaboration – we know we cannot fix the world’s problems as an individual, we have to work together as a team to make that happen. Teamwork is how we get there!
  • Communication – we are a small company (in relative terms – 200 employees), we work well together because we communicate well with each other. You must demonstrate why our mission is important to you: everyone who works at AeroFarms has a strong link to the mission: we want to hear why it means something to you!
  • Agility – What we do has never been done before: we are an innovation company, there is no right or wrong way to do things, we constantly develop how we operate, we can always elevate what we are doing and never claim to have it right.
  • Accountability – we don’t micromanage, we hire individuals who know what they need to do and can do so with minimal direction and take ownership of their projects and deadlines.
  • Respect – We are already starting our journey scaling around the world: we want our team to represent every kind of individual out on plant earth and we need to respect different people, different ideas, different cultures etc. We can learn so much from each other, but respect is key
  • Empowerment – we provide an environment for growth and development: we need your help to develop our business, we will help you develop in your career, and sky is the limit given our growth plans!!

*Please note that AeroFarms does not work with any external staffing/recruitment vendors. Any unsolicited resumes shared with the AeroFarms team will be considered property of AeroFarms and no recruitment fees of any kind will be paid or owed unless an existing recruitment agreement exists alongside with specific engagement for the role in question.

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  • Company Address 212 Rome St, Newark, NJ 07105, USA
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