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Vice President of Investor Relations 39 views

The world needs our help. By 2050, there will be 9 billion people on the planet with less arable land than ever before. We need a solution to cultivate more using less and define the future of farming for generations to come. At AeroFarms, we are on a mission to do just this, growing the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity.

As a Certified B Corporation, AeroFarms is a mission-driven indoor vertical farming company transforming agriculture with global headquarters in Newark, NJ.  Recognized by as one of the Top 25 Disruptive Companies in the World, AeroFarms is scaling quickly to meet the demand for our fresh, locally grown produce that is setting new culinary standards.

We are:

  • An incredible ‘change-the-world’ company with the eyes of the world focused on our success. We are trying to make the world better and more sustainable.
  • A diverse team of motivated, intellectually curious individuals ready to support you.
  • Fast growing, with exciting expansion plans across the US and around the world.

Vice President Investor Relations

Reporting to the CFO, this leader is responsible for developing and executing the global investor relations program in collaboration with the CEO.

Primary Responsibility

The VP for IR collaborates with the CFO in developing and executing the IR strategy, operating plans, budget, and global IR program. The primary operating objective of the IR program is to educate and update investors and security analysts about the company to achieve a fair relative stock price. The program must accurately represent and reflect the company.

Primary Internal and External Relationships

Internal relationships: CEO, COO, Chief Financial Officer, Controller, General Counsel, Chief Technology Officer, Communication Officer, EVP of Human Resources, leaders in operating divisions, and their staffs.

External relationships: Institutional investors (including security analysts, portfolio managers, directors of research, investment department heads, and strategists), individual investors, stock brokerage security analysts and their directors of research, credit analysts, debtholders, debt-rating agencies, and business and financial media.

Specific Responsibilities

Strategic leadership

  • Directs and executes the collection, analysis, and presentation of feedback to the company of investors’ perceptions and opinions, brokerage security analysts’ positions and summaries, relative stock price movements, and periodic ownership analysis. The analysis is provided and presented to the senior leaders and the Board of Directors in written and oral form.
  • Collaborates in executing the global investor relations program, including strategy (linked to the company’s strategy), operating plan, budget, and the detailed execution of the IR operating plan.
  • Directs strategic (integrated) communication to include strategy and assuring consistency of messages among all communicators (including public relations, employee relations, and others).
  • Collaborates with the CEO and Communication staff in creating the company’s external and internal messages and in ensuring that all company external and internal communications are integrated and consistent.
  • Collaborates with Public Relations, Advertising, Brand Management, Marketing, and Internal Communication on communication-and-media strategy, operating plan, key messages, integration and consistency of messages and efforts, product sharing, and support to operating employees for strategic communication.
  • Speaks on behalf of the company at investment presentations, institutions, individual meetings and discussions, and with the media.

Investor Relations Strategy, Plan, and Execution

  • Collaborates with the CFO on the development of the IR strategy, operating plan, and budget.
  • Executes the IR program, which is shown below in more detail:
    • Educates and updates investors and analysts.
    • Executes the creation of publications and electronic media used in the IR program. Supervises the data collection, analysis, writing and editing, and production of those materials.
    • Leads presentations and discussions in the IR program.
  • Educates and updates investors and analysts:
    • Creates value-driver-based investment messages in collaboration with selected members of the senior leadership team.
    • Keeps shareholders knowledgeable about the company (and implicitly encourages them to buy and hold).
    • Finds, supports, and encourages prospective investors by broadening awareness and interest through conferences, presentations, meetings, media, and mailings.
    • Responds to investor targets-of-opportunity created by presentations, meetings, and media.
    • Hosts conference calls, prepares conference call scripts and practice questions (with answers when needed), and leads practice sessions.  Contracts for conference call services.
    • Uses statistical targeting to identify good-fit institutional investors; contacts the analysts at those institutions to verify possible interest and to encourage interest and investment.
    • In collaboration with the CFO, supports the investors’ decision-making processes through visits to institutions, individual meetings, visits by analysts and investors to company plants, and visits with appropriate other senior leaders.
    • Supports security analysts in brokerage firms.
    • Is the office of record for public disclosure to investors.
    • Contracts for and directs the capital markets database and intelligence system that supports the investor relations program.
  • Creates or assists in creating the publications and electronic media used in the IR program:
    • Annual report: executes theme, content, design, production, and delivery.
    • Quarterly results and other news releases: collaborates in creating.
    • Periodic update of the outlook for the quarter and or year results: collaborates with CFO.
    • Data book or fact book: executes design, content, production, and delivery.
    • Transcript of Annual Meeting of Analysts & Investors: executes the design, transcription, production, and delivery.
    • SEC filings: collaborates with the General Counsel and CFO.
    • Executes webcasts, usually in conjunction with conference calls and investment conference presentations. Contracts for webcasts.
    • Collaborates with the senior leadership on the IR website section and content.
    • Supports the IR website archive of historical information for investors.
    • Collaborates with company marketing.
    • Collaborates with company advertising.
    • Assists with media news stories.
  • Collaborates with CFO in making presentations and discussions in the IR program, including as possible speaker:
    • Annual Meeting of Analysts & Investors: supports.
    • Presentations at broker-sponsored conferences and meetings: supports.
    • Presentations at company-hosted conferences and meetings: supports.
    • Discussions with analysts and review of draft reports for accuracy of publicly disclosed information.
    • Collaborates with IRO in analysts’ discussions with Chairman and CEO to verify understanding of strategy and direction.
    • Supports visits by the IRO and other senior leaders to institutional investors.
    • Supports visits by investors to the company headquarters.
    • Supports visits by investors to the company plants.
    • Gives presentations at internal company meetings.
    • Helps procure and prepare security analysts to present at internal company meetings.

Feedback to the company and Board of Directors

  • Executes the analysis for and creation of periodic feedback reports about the company’s stock price, relative stock price, brokerage analysts’ estimates and perceptions, oral perceptions and opinions from analysts and investors, industries and peer companies, and the stock market. Helps convey the findings through oral presentations and written reports to the senior leaders and Board of Directors.
  • Supervises and documents the collection, analysis, and reporting of feedback from analysts, investors, and company leaders about their perceptions of the IR program.
  • Supervises and documents the collection, analysis, and reporting of feedback from analysts, investors, journalists, and company leaders for their perceptions about Strategic Communication.

Support to the company

  • Collaborates on company decisions that will create or destroy value for shareholders.
  • Provides competitive intelligence from Wall Street to senior leadership, the other company leaders, and appropriate operations.
  • Performs staff studies and analyses.
  • Collaborates with Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Law, Planning and Development, and others, as needed.
  • Collaborates on and assists with trade shows and special events.
  • Assists with annual, general, and special shareholder meetings (collaborates with the General Counsel, Secretary, and head of Shareholder Services for those meetings, as needed).
  • Other duties as needed.

Experience, skills, and knowledge required

  • More than five years of experience in investor relations, finance, marketing, planning and development, or corporate communication positions for a public company.
  • Outstanding financial and investment analysis skills, oral and written communication skills, and presentation ability.
  • A clear and thorough understanding of the financial modeling techniques used by security analysts to project a company’s operating and financial performance and the resulting value for its stock.
  • An in-depth understanding of the financial and investment markets and the ability to establish new relationships in new industries quickly.
  • A good understanding of strategic communication, public relations, marketing, advertising, and the media.
  • An emerging reputation with the investment community, based on credibility, consistency, visibility, access, and depth and breadth of knowledge.
  • College degree required, with a master’s degree highly desirable.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, superior intellect, and an outstanding ability to communicate using these qualities and skills.
  • An energetic, efficient, and resourceful team player and individual contributor.
  • An active and effective leader.
  • A person with an insatiable appetite to learn more.

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