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Macy Marriott Is Living Her Passion By Changing The World One Deal At A Time

Macy Marriott

Meet Macy Marriott

Macy is the Director of GlassWall Syndicate and Deal Flow Partner with Stray Dog Capital. Watch the video below to learn more about the great work she is doing in ultimately removing animals from the supply chain and changing the world.

Macy is a highly strategic and energizing leader with a unique fusion of corporate and nonprofit experience. She holds dual degrees in both public and private accounting and previously worked within the financial services industry performing risk-based audit activities. Her unique skill blend, passion, and warm yet effective personality opened the door to her dream job working with two outstanding and growing organizations.

Stray Dog Capital pioneered a one-of-a-kind nonprofit network in the global impact investing ecosystem that engages and empowers individual investors and firms in the plant-based and cell ag space by connecting them with game-changing companies that are changing the world.

Link for Info on Stray Dog Capital

This global collective, GlassWall Syndicate is managed by Macy and has led to millions in additional capital being deployed into innovative companies. She works daily with entrepreneurs and investors to build relationships that drive forward sustainable, scalable, disruptive companies. Macy knows that industrial animal agriculture is the culprit behind many of our collective global challenges such as climate change, health, and food security.

Macy resides in Kansas with her cats and is part of the Investment Advisory Council for the Material Innovation Initiative.

Macy Marriott

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