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Bonnie Brown On How To Make Every Day A Great Adventure

Bonnie Brown, CPA

Hi, I’m Bonnie,

I am an accountant, CPA, and now providing outsourced CFO services as the founder of my own companies, Passion Placement and New Earth Partners.  It was my frustration while searching for a position with a like-minded vegan company that, with a little encouragement and support from my husband, opened the door to personal and professional satisfaction for me. 

Now, my life, in fact, every day is meaningful. I am working as a fractional CFO through New Earth Partners consulting with brilliant, game changing entrepreneurs. I also participate in investment groups as a potential investor focused on companies working to take animals out of the supply chain. I’m a board member for the FFAC and Vegfund further allowing me to apply my skills to make a difference for the animals.  It was in creating Passion Placement that I found my desired path, which continues to help me help others move the needle for getting animals out of the supply chain. 

How has doing what you love and living your purpose changed your life?

I love animals and hate how much they suffer as mere commodities.  It’s so unnecessary.  Factory farming is inhumane and does far more harm than good. It’s unsustainable and devastating the very earth we all share. It means everything for me to be able to use my skills and experience to effect change and encourage others to do the same. 

I am living the adventure of my dreams and exceeding what once seemed out of reach. To be able to play a role in making the world a safer, more humane palace for animals and people alike.  The climate crisis is not going away and living for the greed of the moment is simply not acceptable.

A great inner peace has come from living my purpose. I get to talk to like-minded people, instead of being the “vegan in the room,” on a daily basis. It brings joy and meaning to my life. 

Would you like to share any advice for those looking to make their passion into a career?

I would start by saying have faith, be patient, and be kind to yourself and others.  There is no magic switch that will give you that instant gratification we all seek. Choosing and moving toward what matters most opens doors that you cannot see from where you stand now.

Do some self assessment, if you need to.  Ask yourself – What are your talents? How can you better use them to move more quickly into what you want to do?  Ask others that know you. What do they see as your talents and skills? Then it’s what do you want to be doing and what is a reasonable path in that direction. If you could be there now, what would that look like? What would be your ideal purpose and what position would help you live it? What would be rewarding and bring you joy all at the same time?

Dust off your resume and look at it from your new perspective. How could you rework it into a transition resume using your past achievements, knowledge and skills to bridge you into what really matters to you. I love helping people at this place in their lives, it brings me great joy. 

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