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Monica Chen Shares Tips On Purpose and How To Find Mission Alignment

Monica Chen, Executive Director Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Q: Please share with us how living your purpose and doing what you love has changed your life.

Monica Chen:

I identify as a caring person, and it is essential to me that there be some purpose in my life. I’m not here to just exist and take from the world. I recognize that there is incredible beauty on this planet and also terrible oppression and pain. I have worked in prisons, on a reservation, on a suicide prevention line, and in environmental education spaces. 

For me what was missing was the tie-in, the understanding that all of these oppressions are interrelated. At FFAC, there is clear mission alignment. And in my role as the Executive Director, I find myself looking forward to the work and meetings with colleagues. My skills are fully utilized, and I’m motivated to work hard because this work is about much more than myself or making money for other people. It’s all about the mission, and I’m grateful every day that my actions align with my identity.

Q: What advice you would like to share with people looking to live their purpose and turn their passion into a career?

Monica: If someone else is looking to turn their passion into a career, I’d say that connecting with people in those spaces is critical. Find aligned organizations, attend their events, get to know the staff and community. At a minimum, you’ll learn more about the space and how to be more effective. Perhaps you’ll find that those connections turn into job opportunities. 

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