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Coaching Services

We all can use a little coaching or mentoring. Whether you are transitioning or just starting out, we can help. Passion Placement offers career consulting, coaching, training, and mentoring for people looking to live their passion through employment, building a business of their own, interning, or volunteering. We specialize in helping people identify their talents and develop them into mission-focused work that speaks to their heart and supports getting animals off of the plate, sustainability, and a healthy, happy planet. Our offerings include:

  • Career Change Coach – Help with making a move from a job into doing what you love.
  • Interview Coach – How to present yourself and be in control of interviews on and offline.
  • Small Business Coach – Developing business ideas into profits.
  • Define and Build Your Brand – Marketing for personal and business growth.
  • Money Matters – Financial coaching, personal or business, designed to fit your needs.

Consulting and Coaching Rates

  • Free 20 minute Exploratory Session
  • 60 Minute Session: $80.00 USD
  • 30 Minute Session: $50.00 USD

We can help you push through your challenges and move toward what’s important to you. Our experience, guidance, and support will help you get there and in less time. We each bring different skills and experience to the equation. Check our profiles and choose who fits you best. Select a program from the above offerings or we’ll design one together that’s just right for you.

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We are vegan, however, we are happy to work with anyone and everyone who embraces or is exploring the concept of veganism.


Resume and Profile Services

As a job seeker in today’s market, you need to gain every advantage possible. Consider that as many as an estimated 80% of resumes are rejected by applicant tracking systems (ATS), software many companies use to sort, collect, and rank resumes before even being seen by a human. In addition, it has been said that as many as 200+ people apply for the average job posting and only a few of those applicants will be lucky enough to be interviewed and only one of them will fill the position.

We recommend using a professional resume writer who can work with you to create a successful resume that’s visually appealing, creates a compelling narrative and highlights your value. Resume writers know that word choices matter in helping to make your resume stand out and be selected by the ATS software that some companies use. Relying on cookie-cutter resume templates simply doesn’t cut it anymore if you want to land a meaningful position.

Just getting a resume in front of a hiring manager is difficult enough. Today’s job market is changing rapidly and becoming more global, complicated, and competitive. If you have concerns about your current resume or would like to revise it to fit a new career path we highly recommend that you explore and invest in professional resume services like those offered by Great Resumes Fast.

How do you show up online?

Potential employers who are considering a candidate will likely do an online search to see what information about you might be available on the internet. Make sure you take a look at your online presence and do what you can to position or reposition yourself so that you look your best. If you think that you may be better off without any digital footprint, have never created any social media accounts, or perhaps tried to delete unflattering accounts, it’s not too late. The best way to make a strong online impression is likely with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is likely the best tool for showcasing your professional persona. A well-customized profile attracts potential employers who are looking for a suitable candidate. Sometimes it’s all you need to get your foot in the door.

Are you on LinkedIn? Does your profile support your current efforts for the position or employment you seek? If not, we would recommend that you update your LinkedIn profile before submitting your resume for employment. Professional help is available here, if so desired.

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