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  • Bonnie Brown

    President and Chief Financial Officer

    Bonnie grew up on a small family farm in Massachusetts where she developed her love and empathy for animals. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Bentley College and soon after became licensed as a Certified Public Account (CPA). Later she earned a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Boston University.

    Bonnie became a vegetarian as a teenager and vegan years later, for the animals. In her efforts to better apply her skills to her passion and change the world, she identified the need for a job board with resources to help those so inclined to follow their heart into their work, paid or volunteer, where the mission of an organization connects with their passion. Thus Passion Placement was born.

    Bonnie has extensive business, finance and accounting experience including her years as a partner in a CPA firm and as an energy sector Chief Financial Officer of a group of publicly traded companies, in the US and abroad.

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  • Paul Turcotte


    Paul is an entrepreneur with a wide variety of experience. Prior to his career in real estate he was involved in marketing, advertising and sales for a number of small ventures. He came to Boston to study music at Boston Conservatory and later became Director of the New England Bartender’s School. This led to a Boston restaurant partnership, and ultimately into real estate sales.

    Paul became a Real Estate Broker and purchased a new RE/MAX franchise and opened an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1999. He built and managed this successful brokerage company for over twenty years.

    In 2013 Paul was inspired to take charge of his health and ultimately adopted a plant based diet. He and Bonnie married in 2017 and decided to combine talents to create a vehicle that would make it easier for people to connect their passion with organizations that share similar missions.

    Bonnie and Paul live on the coast of Massachusetts with their two cats, Lily and Carrie.

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