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Outsourced Professional Services

Outsourced Professional Business Services As You Need It, When You Need It.

Professional Financial, Accounting, Bookkeeping, HR Consulting, Branding and Marketing Services As You Need Them.

New Earth Partners provides outsourced professional services for Plant-Based and Vegan Companies. Fractional CFO Services, accounting, bookkeeping, brand logistics, funding support and HR Consulting to companies aimed at removing the need for animal products in the world’s supply chain and on building a sustainable future.  

Whether it’s startup constraints or issues like having pitch deck perfect financials, solid planning for scalable HR or guidance in gearing up for crucial investor presentations. Perhaps you’re an established company with a  gap creating a need best handled from outside. We can be those extra brain cells, that extra set of hands with the specialized expertise needed to boost your company to the next level. 

We personally know the frustration of entrepreneurs and business owners who are trying to change the world but are bogged down by the unending demands of paying bills, fundraising, invoicing, HR considerations and concerns, team building, marketing, legal, insurance and the list goes on. 

 Our goal is to help you be successful in your quest to build a kinder, more sustainable future. We invite you to reach out to explore ideas or discuss your needs and concerns.  You can set up a date for a complimentary meeting at no initial cost.  It would be our pleasure.

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