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Why I Am Profoundly Grateful Every Day, Even When The Work Is Difficult

Jesse Tandler, FFAC Managing Director

Jesse Tandler recently shared his lucky combination with us.

“Until my mid-thirties, I made a living off of my skills as an educator. I taught literature and philosophy, consulted, and tutored. Sometimes the work harmonized with my sense of purpose—though, just as frequently, it coincided only partially. From the times they did sync, however, I knew I wanted a career that matched what I was best at contributing with what I cared most about. 

Fortunately, for the last few years, I’ve been at an organization that offers me that lucky combination. The result? Even when the work is difficult, I’m always profoundly grateful to be doing it. Not once have I wished I were somewhere else, working some other job, or using the limited moments of my life to some different end. Another happy advantage of working for such a mission-driven organization is that my co-workers are as dedicated as I am and my work, aside from purpose and paychecks, also provides a community I cherish. My only regret is not taking the leap earlier.”

Title Photo by Photo by Mohammed Ajwad on Unsplash

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