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Raise The Visibility of Veganism By Doing What You Love Every Day

Andrea Beschel

When I was in my early 20s, I worked at a vegan juice and smoothie bar. There, I found a supportive community of passionate people who shared my values. After moving on and entering the wonderful world of social media marketing, I figured that I would probably never again experience the same value-aligned workplace. Little did I know there were tons of vegan and plant-based companies looking for someone with my skill set!

It feels amazing to work for something you’re passionate about, I often find myself gushing about my job to colleagues because I just can’t get enough. Helping vegan and plant-based businesses grow their brands helps raise the visibility of veganism as a whole. Even on my worst days, I still walk away feeling like I’ve helped improve the world. What can top that? 

Advice For Others

Yes. Use your skills, evaluate what you have to offer and approach brands that align with your values. Watch job boards like Passion Placement and reach out to people in your network who are doing what you want to do.

Lastly, be vocal! Talk about what you care about and why it’s important to you. You never know where things will lead. 

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Photo by Tamara Gore on Unsplash
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