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You may have noticed a small change on the Passion Placement website. A little green shaking button at the top of the page eager to share our newest career development tool, Resume Rx. This outline and simple guide is designed to help you upgrade your resume and your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

It is important to know how to tell your story, (the most relevant of details), through your resume, in a way that stands out and connects you with the job or position you seek. One great way to do this is by using Accomplishment Statements where you list your major achievements instead of your responsibilities. 

It’s not easy to dig deep into your experience to find specific deeds and write them in such a way that they reflect concise and specific results that the reviewer can easily connect to the position they are looking to fill. Even more so, to choose between the accomplishments and select only those that best connect with the employer and the description of the position that you seek. Accomplishment statements communicate that you have achieved specific results and that you have the transferable skills and competencies necessary for the position. 

A tool we recommend to help define accomplishments is called the PAR process. The acronym stands for Problem, Action Taken and Result.  Problem(s) the ones you were hired to solve, manage or advance. Action, what did you do to resolve or improve the situation? And finally, list the Results of that action, in specific terms, like percentage of improvement or specific value related to your efforts. These are called hard statements because they reflect specific details.  Soft statements are for those results that do not reflect a number or percentage of improvement yet can be equally important. The results are what you list in bullet points below each position in your job experience. 

Starting your resume upgrade with specific details of what you accomplished in each of your past or present positions sets up the most important part of your resume, The Summary Statement. Your summary should open with your personal branding statement.  Simply put, what you do followed by your primary skill(s). Something like this, Digital Marketing professional with extensive social media experience. This statement is followed by a few key points that are supported with more details in your list of accomplishments bulleted under each position.

One of the greatest mistakes often made is to list the things you were responsible for instead of a short enticing list of your best work results.  Resume Rx will give you ideas on how to define and put your greatest successes forward.  Pick and choose, prioritize, you only really want to use those that best connect with the new job description. Don’t get lost in the weeds. A successful resume should reflect your ability to step into that specific role. Don’t worry about things that might appear to be missing. You will have plenty of opportunity to share more details later, during the interview, providing that your resume performs as it should.  

There is more… Resume Rx has checklists and suggestions for your resume and cover letter, grammar rules and action verb suggestions as well as a blank PAR worksheet example for creating your accomplishment statements.  You can also find additional resume writing tips on our blog.

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