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Rx Guide For An Effective Resume

Resume Rx gives you easy to follow checklists, tools and tips for updating your resume.  You have less than 10 seconds to catch a recruiter,  ATS*  or hiring manager’s attention.  For most, it all starts with a simple layout  and an effective summary (or profile) written to meet the needs of the job description. The Accomplishment Statement Worksheet will help you create a clear story line that makes it  easier for the employer to see you in the role they look to fill.

*Applicant Tracking System or  Artificial Intelligence Filter  

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What's Inside

Resume Checklist

Simple is better - An aid for making sure you address the issues.

Grammar Rules & Action Verbs

Consistency matters - Important basics and help with choosing power verbs.

Accomplishment Worksheet

This tool will help you define the results with the actions you took to solve employer problems.

Cover Letter Checklist

A concise cover letter is your introduction and sets the stage for your summary and all the details.

Resume Coaching

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