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The Wait is Over: Plant-based Filet Mignon Steaks Are Here!

Juicy Marbles makes history with the first marbled steaks made from plants

With no printing, GMOs or laboratory alterations, Juicy Marbles co-founders Tilen Travnik, Luka Sincek and Maj Hrovat, recent Y Combinator Cohorts, have created the first line of raw, plant-based steaks, starting with the most premium cut of them all, ultra-tender Filet Mignon.

 With a patent pending on the lovingly named, Meat-o-matic Reverse GrinderTM 9000, they have been able to mimic the muscle texture and marbling of meat by aligning and layering fibers from the bottom up with all-natural ingredients.

 The world’s first plant-based steaks are now available through the steak-testing program on the Juicy Marbles website.  The steaks ship direct-to-consumer to the 48 States and throughout Europe for a limited time.


Founded in 2020 by Tilen Travnik (food technologist), Luka Sincek (microbiologist) and Maj Hrovat (bio technologist), the company has created the first line of plant-based, whole cut steaks, specifically Filet Mignon, through their patent pending Meat-o-matic Reverse GrinderTM 9000 with the intent of offering consumers a healthy product without forcing an unrealistic change in behavior.  In-house Chef and Brand Creative, Vladimir Mickovic joined the team the same year, alongside Mr. Marbles who is in charge of customer support. @JuicyMarbles. 


Elysabeth Alfano is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting and the host of the Plantbased Business Hour and Minute on LinkedIn and the Plantbased Business Breakfast on Clubhouse.  A public speaker and guest expert on mainstream news outlets, Elysabeth is regarded as one of the foremost experts and leaders in the plant-based space.  She is also the Managing Director, North America, of vegconomist – the vegan business magazine, and a plant-based investor. LinkedIn here.

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