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Top 10 Vegan Magazines

There is compelling proof that more and more people are adopting the wisdom in taking charge of what they eat and why. However, it’s only part of an even greater evolution driven by unsustainable factory farming coupled with the cruelty inflicted on other beings with which we share this planet and our very existence.

Explore some of the best Vegan Magazines on the web and in print. These outstanding publishers are always working to educate, inspire, and empower the curious and the converted. They are in the front line of the new plant based food revolution. Enjoy!

  1. VegNews Magazine
  2. Vegan Food & Living Magazine
  3. Vegan Life Magazine
  4. Viva! Magazine
  5. Plant Based Magazine
  6. Vilda Magazine
  7. Vegan Magazine
  8. Vegan Good Life Magazine
  9. T.O.F.U. Magazine
  10. Plant Based

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