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Want An Awesome Life? Try Combining Your Passion With Your Career

Meet Kyla Hagedorn, Social Entrepreneur: Co-Founder of AnuLife, Founder of Aja Organics

Being able to combine your passion with your career is one of the most fulfilling things in life. Every day I wake up amazed that I get to spend my day contributing to making the world a better place and collaborating with so many innovative people doing incredible things to save our planet. What we are doing collectively in the sustainable food system space is having a tremendous impact at one of the most critical times in human history. 

Work doesn’t feel like work anymore, it feels like the natural way to spend my energy. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Even though there have been many obstacles and challenges along the way, and at times it has felt overwhelming and uncertain, I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

Each challenge has been a valuable learning experience and has helped me to grow my business in a more intentional and thoughtful way. I am grateful to be able to live my purpose and combine my passion with my career to support a better future for the people and the planet. 

Kyla Hagedorn – LinkedIn

AnuLife’s mission is to improve global well being for people and the planet. We seek to make quality, nutrient rich food available and affordable to all people.

 With a dedication to creating a true circular economy, any biomass waste from our production processes provide opportunities for innovative new applications for soil fertility enhancement, water purification, and malnutrition solutions.

 By providing alternatives to unsustainably sourced products that degrade the land, AnuLife contributes to the global effort to shift the food ecosystem towards systemic sustainable change and reduce further destruction.

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