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Wild Dreams Hospitality brings exciting New Opportunities to Vegans In South Africa

Haley Cooper, Wild Dreams Hospitality

Haley Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Wild Dreams Hospitality, a company she continues to develop through her experience as Assistant General Manager at Kings Camp and by empowering vegan safaris to the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve in South Africa. 

We asked Hayley to share her story as an entrepreneur and practicing vegan hospitality expert, what this has meant to her, and to share some advice for getting started on one’s own path from passion into purpose.  Here is her response. 

I opened a recruitment and consultancy company 5 years ago but in the last 2 years I completely changed up my company to offer lots of vegan services! These include vegan hospitality consulting, vegan transition coaching, vegan recruitment and soon to add vegan travel planning.

I love all aspects of the services I offer and they help people in different ways, whether this is helping someone else find a values-aligned job or helping a restaurant become vegan friendly, which in return helps people as they have more vegan options! Or helping people transition to practicing a vegan lifestyle, it’s all so fulfilling and of course, in addition to helping people, I am in return helping animals and the planet so it’s a win for me all-round.

How has doing what you love and living your purpose changed your life?

The changes in me as a person and how I approach my career are so different. When you don’t do something that aligns with your purpose you don’t realize that you are just ‘getting by’ or just ‘doing a job’ as soon as this changes and you are working towards your purpose every day becomes more rewarding and you just become a happier person and feel more at peace within yourself and your outlook on life becomes a lot brighter and more hopeful.

Would you like to share any advice for those looking to make their passion into a career?

If you are nervous about taking this leap that is totally normal and your journey may have ups and downs but it is SO worth it so keep your end goal in mind, keep your purpose and your ”why” in mind at all times and if it does become hard think back to this, centre yourself and move forward one step at a time. Be brave and go for it!

Hayle Cooper, Founder, CEO & Vegan Expert
Wild Dreams Hospitality
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