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You Need To Know Vegan Lingo For A Rapidly Growing Plant-Based World

Passion Placement was in Forbes Magazine this past week in an article featuring vegan terms in the plant-based world fashioned by our strategic partner, Elysabeth Alfano.

Excerpt From Forbes Article

The article also mentions VegTechTM: The, just released, Global Vegan Impact and Innovation Investment Index™️, where Passion Placement Co Founder, Bonnie Brown is credited for her financial expertise for consulting and independently reviewing the index numbers.

Think vegans hug trees and grow hemp in their backyard? They do, but they also roll in a Tesla TSLA +6.4% and invest in the latest bio tech companies. The world of vegan has changed, along with the world itself. And it’s not just the food. So, too, has the lingo that accompanies this language of love for people, the planet and animals.

We’ve heard the terms vegan: someone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy and often doesn’t wear leather or use animal products; and plant-based: someone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy, usually for health reasons.

As taking animals out of the food and product supply becomes a major focus for a growing number of conscientious consumers, those terms only skim the surface. Read more…

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